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宴席場地 Banquet venue

Hung Kan Restaurant Ximen

Hung Kan Restaurant Ximen at Zhonghua Rd. has invested tens of millions of dollars to create a Banquet Hall with refined grace and dignified proiety for hosting wedding dinner parties. Covering 500 pings, or 1650 square meters, the main plaza accommodates 70 tables of guests, and 10 to 35 in the VIP box, 35 on the second floor and 27 on the third floor. Tailored-made by a dedicated team, your dinner party will be further enhanced with delicate Hong Kong cuisines. To witness your life-time beautiful memory of eternal and lustrous true love, we cordially invite you to experience the elegance and the romantic atmosphere just for you.

Showing magic culinary skills, authentic Hong Kong chefs are what Hung Kan Hong Kong-style Dim Sum Restaurant (Yum Cha) proud of.

A variety of innovative and value for money dim sum dishes served with warm and welcoming hospitality, VIP rooms, contemporary décor with simple intimism and strokes of Japanese fashion plus individual banquet venues are all designed to meet the various needs of business, private and family gatherings.

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Hung Kan Restaurant Linsen

Hung Kan Restaurant Linsen, a restaurant with 20-year long-established reputation and a 4-star and 5-star dim sum award winner granted by Hong Kong Gourmet Group, is now in Zhongshan District to offer delicious cooked-to-order genuine Hong Kong-style dim sum around the clock.

As good quality is the prerequisite of good taste of food, being fineness and self-demanding has been our philosophy.

Fineness about quality:
Take steamed buns with barbecued pork as an example, soft, delicate and aromatic wrapping bread plus savory honey-flavored BBQ pork fillings ensure the buns to be sought-after delicacies.

Self-demanding of ingredients:
In preparation of Har Gow (steamed shrimp dumplings) only entire top-notch fresh shrimps will be used in fillings to be wrapped in soft yet sturdy exquisitely pleated skin to present the ultimate appealing taste of this dim sum.

With contemporary industrial style décor, Hung Kan Restaurant Linsen offers guests cozy and roomy spaces to enjoy genuine delicious Hong Kong cuisines. Seating 120 guests for year-end parties, New Year banquets, teacher appreciation banquets and dinner parties, Hung Kan Restaurant Linsen will be your best choice while the warm hospitality extended by our professional team assures you of privileged experience.

Tel : 02-2542-3838