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About Hung Kan

The Hung Kan restaurant group has existed for over 2 decades, and after the management created Hung Kan dim sum in 1995. In 2003 Hung Kan participated in the hundred-chef culinary competition and received distinctions, and in addition to being popular to people of all walks of life, the group has always considered the raising of catering industry culture to be part of its responsibility. We uphold the continual spirit of diligence and innovation, warm service, treating our guests with cordiality, and in the amazing dining environment, attract your sights, and warm every heart we respect. More importantly, we have a group of highly skilled and professional chefs who will provide you courses after courses of 5 stars cuisines that will draw your taste buds and satisfy every picky mouth. We are steadfast in our purpose of letting you enjoy comprehensive service and an occasion filled with ultimate culinary art and sumptuous feasting.

Hung Kan has significant experience in hosting large scale events

Hung Kan restaurant group has undertaken over a thousand major events for various corporations with 50 or more tables. Including: Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Three H Taiwan, MDS, Taipei Computer Association, PCHOME, networking event for retired school principals of Taipei City, Ijisheng Food Ltd., Cathay United Bank, Aegis Media, Fubon Financial, Telexpress Co. Ltd., Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Nancy Chain International Co. Ltd, the 2013 annual meeting for ERA Taiwan Master Franchise Inc., Zhongshan Hospital, Wistron ITS Corporation, Fubon Insurance, 48th anniversary celebration for Country Hospital, Taipei City Police Department birthday celebration, Dadova Travel Service, President Chain Store Corporation, GSS Corporation, Changde Cable TV, Yuan Dah fire fighting engineering Co. Ltd., AAEON, Chinese Satellite TV dinner, etc. and various wedding banquets. Our experience ensures Hung kan restaurant group will be your best choice.

Hung Kan dim sum – wedding hall (Ximen branch)

Hung Kan dim sum – wedding hall was established in 1995, and under the guidance of the chairman Fu-sing Cai, tens of millions were spent in creating the elegant wedding banquet plaza. The 1650 m2 wedding banquet plaza and hold 20-60 tables, whether for weddings, end of year or start of year banquet, any major banquets or just dinner get-togethers, a professional team will create a tailor-made dream wedding feast and exquisitely extravagant dinner party for you.

In 1996 it also received the 4 stars and 5 stars award in the dim sum category from Hong Kong judges, and our most traditional dim sum is personally prepared by the 5 stars chefs employed from Hong Kong. The elegant and beautiful VIP rooms can be used for various types of gathering, whether for family or business. Our warm and cordial service provides many original and constantly changing menus that are value for money, appropriate for feast of any occasion.

Hung Kan new dim sum (Linsen Branch)

Hung Kan new dim sum was created in Taipei City’s Zhongshan District by the group’s second generation as a starting point between the traditional and modern and leaves the baggage of the old branch behind. The restaurant has exquisite modern industrial style decoration, so that guests can enjoy authentic dim sum in a comfortable open space.

The focal point of every restaurant is the kitchen, and in the Hung Kan new dim sum kitchen, you can hear the hustle and bustle of the Hong Kong chefs, smell the slowly simmering stock soup made from Jinhua ham and chicken, see the top quality fresh ingredient from the harbors first hand, and through the culmination of decades of skills that shapes, cooks, steams, stir-fries the food to perfectly present the best tastes and textures. A careful look at this kitchen will reveal not only the cuisine it sells, but also the original flavors and taste of old Hong Kong.

Hung kan new dim sum provides over a hundred well known Hong Kong style dishes and dim sums, such as crispy skin chicken, deep-fried boneless duck with taro, shrimp rice noodle roll, barbequed pork bun are all cooked-to-order and not semi-finished products. In addition to dim sum, the restaurant also provides siu mei, seafood, soup, hotpots and other authentic traditional Cantonese cuisine.